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# Do we have access to latest updates of Software’s ?

Yes! ACCP system only connects license checker to its own servers, Updates are still available from official provider in realtime!


# After I have ordered a license , when will it be activated ?

Instantly! all licenses get delivered from API system instantly.


# Any discount for bulk purchases/orders ?

Yes, please contact support and send us your license list so we decide a fair price.


# Will I get gift on high Deposit/Add Balance values ?

Yes, But before deposits contact support so we check your gift.


# Can I go back and install original license ?

Yes, you can just uninstall our license and install original license without issue and any without data loss.


# Can I move my license to another server ?

Yes, You can change license IP unlimited times! just login to your aiocheapcp.com client area and select your license. there is a change IP function you can use it.


# Installing or Uninstalling the license will harm our data ?

Not at all! ACCP Licensing system does not edit any files on your server and wont cause data harm.


# Will AiocheapCp have access to our server files ?

No, ACCP Licensing system is designed under Information privacy law rules. We do not and cannot have access to any files on client's server. ACCP Licensing system also extremely forbids any backdoors and any security issue to be created on any server, so your data is always safe.


# Whats the benefits of using AiocheapCp Reseller account ?

By using ACCP reseller account you have access to API + WHMCS module + Resellers Panel + whitelabel licensing system registered to your own company. Also resellers get a huge discount on license prices. Full price info available at : https://aiocheapcp.com


# Whats the price of AiocheapCp reseller account ?

ONLY $30 ONETIME! 20$ Will be added your account balance. With this special price you can have a full access to all reseller account features and start your own licensing business.

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